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Our solutions

Mercury is the most flexible trade credit insurer in the market. With an experienced team in risk analysis and creating bespoke risk solutions, we have build a strong basis to always find a suitable risk and policy structure to match your risk mitigation needs. From traditional whole turnover policies to Top-Up policies, Selected Buyer solutions and other special risk and multi insurer structures. Mercury has the experience and the solution available for you.

Ground up Cover

Are you looking to protect your company against financial losses due to non-payment by your customers? Credit insurance helps you mitigate credit risk and keep control of your cashflow.

Mercury can provide a traditional whole turnover policy that covers the risk of non-payment for all your customers. Our policy terms and conditions can be adjusted to perfectly fit the business agreements with you customers and your existing credit management procedures. We also have a wide range of endorsements which can be added to your policy to provide cover for trade specific risks.

Top-Up Cover

Do you have a credit insurance policy in place, but is your growth being limited because your First Insurer is not providing you with sufficient cover on your key customers? With a Top-Up policy we can provide you with the additional cover to fill up the shortfalls with your First Insurer.

Credit insurers can be limited on the amount of cover they are able to provide on your customers, because of rating restricted underwriting guidelines or simply because they have used the capacity on other clients.

Our Top Up solution provides you with a flexible policy that can follow the terms and conditions of the First Insurer. That way you can trade with confident, knowing that you do not have to adapt your credit management procedures and will be fully covered in case of a non-payment.

We differentiate ourselves from other Top-Up cover providers by always performing our own risk analysis for each of your customers, with the possibility to exceed the credit limit of your First Insurer.

Selected Buyer Cover

With Mercury you can decide which customers you want to insure. Traditional credit insurers offer whole turnover policies with the obligation to insure all of your customers, even though you might only want to insure your largest customers or export customers. We provide you with the option to select the risks you want to cover to limit costs and handling.

Our selected buyer policy is a flexible solution in which you are free to change the buyers you insure throughout the policy period. We understand your business can be dynamic and we can accommodate to that.

More details
about our solutions?

Would you like to receive more details about our credit insurance solutions? Get in contact with our sales team and we will discuss your needs in detail and provide you with a tailor-made offer.